Sunday, April 01, 2007


It is my intention to write a poem a day for National Poetry Month. Thanks to the women at Poetry Thursday, daily prompts will be given. Today's prompt "absolve". I found out quickly the intensity and pressure to write a poem per day.

Here is today's offering:

Sacred holy week
Washing of feet, breaking bread
in tincture of wine
Who washes the feet of the souls
fallen while fighting?

There is a list of those particiating in NaPoWriMo at Poetry Thursday under participants.


Robin (Capitulation) said...

That's a very good question, Jone. And thought-provoking.

I'm participating in NaPoWriMo as well. It will be interesting to look back at this month at the end and see what came from it. I've not done this before.

david santos said...

what a beautiful work you have! thank you
have a good week

Tammy said...

This was lovely Jone! Once a day? I can barely figure out once a week...good for you! See ya tomorrow ;)

Brian said...

Thoughtful and moving poem.

Rethabile said...

Good question, posed in a wonderful short poem.

I don't think I'll be participating, simply for lack of time. but boy won't I be glad to read and comment!

michelle said...

very powerful!