Monday, June 25, 2007

Sunday Scribblings: I Have a Secret...

Sing a morning song
make it up, ask birds to join
sun bids welcome back
I love to sing. I sing alone, creating tunes, usually without words. I sing to my grand daughters and I hum as well. I don't usually do this when others are present (except around children). I am terrible at remembering words to a song. I usually can do the first line and then hum. That's my secret.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Meeting Annie at Powell's Bookstore

If you come to Portland, Oregon, let's meet at Powell's Bookstore. That's what I wrote to Annie. And we did on Monday.
I felt as though I was just re-connecting with someone I had know a long while. Annie is like that, a person whom you connect and laugh and show photos of the family. I got to see first hand Annie's reason for travelling to the northwest; photos of her son's wedding. What a treat and what a beautiful event for her family.
Annie asked me a question about my writing practice. I have thought about this all week. When did I start writing? For me it began early in letters. Boy, do I wish I had them still. Letters to a pen pal, my grandmother, and my aunt. Poems here and there. My writing has been like the ocean ebbing and flowing. This month the tide is out and low. Not much writing this month. School is out (except for a couple of days of finish up work). So I hope to rejoin in the weekly prompt writing.
Having a blogging community is like having pen pals. However, it feels like the topics we connect on run deeper and closer to our hearts. It reminds me of questions I asked earlier this year:
How is your sense of electronic connectedness through blogging deeper and more fulfilling? Or is it?
Could it be that serious bloggers are truly redefining "community?"
I do think we are redefining community. I think of the people whose blogs I read regularly and my world is smaller for that. Through this electronic connectedness, Rethabile, checked in, passing greetings through Annie.
If we would have had a laptop at Powell's, we could have been on-line chatting as Portland is totally wired.
I am thinking about my trip this fall to Reno, NV. I hope to meet up with other bloggers then. It was so good to meet Annie. I look forward to sharing time again with her.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Not Lost

I am not lost or missing. School ends next week. It has been crazy. Will post in a few days.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

One Deep Breath: Architecture

peony fountain
playground miniature
golden fairy dust

pink mountains
ants - crevasse explorers
need no equipment

Peonies from my yard. For more on architecture, visit One Deep Breath.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday Scribblings: Country Mouse or Town Mouse

I would say probably more country mouse than city mouse. Especially since I just finished a day of planting a vegetable garden and other plants as well as reading and napping. There is something very grounding to me when it comes to playing in the dirt. I get lost, time flies, I forget what I may have been worrying about.

We just moved to this house two years ago. It is heaven; a quarter acre and the yard is such that it is a breeze when it comes to care. Today my daughter and granddaughter were over to help with the gardening. We looked up and there was a raccoon out, in the midday. Of course, I hope he wasn't sick perhaps his sleep was disturbed. We watched a swallowtail and the birds were flitting about.

Later, the hummingbirds buzzed in for afternoon feeding. The whir of their wings annoy my dogs. The crows chattering late this afternoon tells me that rain is eminent. And after supper, Rusty, my red doxie, assisted in gardening by digging holes for me and chewing roots.

I didn't have this when I live in SE Portland, almost dead center of the city. It was fun to live there. Fun to walk to the bakery and some good eateries. But I love the space I am in now. There is something about the serenity I find here. I look forward to coming home this time of year and spending time on the patio swing.

Country mouse, that's me. What are you? Find out what others are at Sunday Scribblings.