Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday Scribblings: Country Mouse or Town Mouse

I would say probably more country mouse than city mouse. Especially since I just finished a day of planting a vegetable garden and other plants as well as reading and napping. There is something very grounding to me when it comes to playing in the dirt. I get lost, time flies, I forget what I may have been worrying about.

We just moved to this house two years ago. It is heaven; a quarter acre and the yard is such that it is a breeze when it comes to care. Today my daughter and granddaughter were over to help with the gardening. We looked up and there was a raccoon out, in the midday. Of course, I hope he wasn't sick perhaps his sleep was disturbed. We watched a swallowtail and the birds were flitting about.

Later, the hummingbirds buzzed in for afternoon feeding. The whir of their wings annoy my dogs. The crows chattering late this afternoon tells me that rain is eminent. And after supper, Rusty, my red doxie, assisted in gardening by digging holes for me and chewing roots.

I didn't have this when I live in SE Portland, almost dead center of the city. It was fun to live there. Fun to walk to the bakery and some good eateries. But I love the space I am in now. There is something about the serenity I find here. I look forward to coming home this time of year and spending time on the patio swing.

Country mouse, that's me. What are you? Find out what others are at Sunday Scribblings.

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Tammy said...

What a picture perfect day in the country :) I'm so with you on this one Jone. hugs