Friday, April 27, 2007

NaPoWriMo, Day 27: Carnelian Journal

At Create a Connection, a journal swap was organized earlier this month. Cheeky sent me this beautiful journal. It is made in Nepal, the paper is from the bark of Daphne bush. (I wonder if it is the same daphne like the sweet smelling flowers).

So in honor of this journal and Cheeky who sent it:

Carnelian journal
gift from creative blogger
world becomes smaller

I am handwriting my haiku, beginning with the ones written during NaPoWriMo.


suzie q said...

Hi Jone! :) So glad to see that you got a lovely Journal, too! And it's great to see you! :)
I finally got my post up to Thank you for mine - I really do appreciate all the thought that went into choosing it, and I love your handwriting and the excerpts/quotes and the beautiful photocard that you sent too! Blessings & Heartfelt Thanks, Suze xXx

AnnieElf said...

Your journal is lovely and the haikus a pleasure to peek at. Is that you in the corner?

cheeky said...

I am glad you liked it ok. You did a lovely photo collage. I like that. You do, indeed, have really lovely penmanship. (email to follow)