Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Vent: Who Ordered This Up?

I know that many have watched "The Secret". It speaks to the "law of attraction" and power of positive thinking will get you want you want in life. I am a strong believer of that theory. I see the cup half full.

There is an analogy used in the video/dvd that likens what happens in your life to ordering food at a restaurant. That your thought energy will cause things to happen for you.

So what I want to know is how does the theories and analogies used in "The Secret" apply to what happened at Virginia Tech. The innocents who were gunned down, did they ordered this up? How does the "law of attraction" fit here?

If someone knows, please let me know.


Brian said...

It doesn't.

Mary J. said...

Argh. Exactly why a positive attitude isn't the solution to everything. Why do bad things happen to good people?! Like why did my mom pass away suddenly and too soon? Why did we lose our 1st baby which we had planned for so carefully and lovingly? The positive thinking is just a coping mechanism, I think. A way to distract us from the ugliness of the world. Which, granted, is needed.

Anonymous said...

The law of attraction is working whether you want it to or not. Thoughts turn into vibrational energy. Like attracts like. Victims do not "order up" a car accident, murder, and this tragedy. It is attracted through vibration. Also, no one knows what the souls of those people who have died came forth seeking to teach.

Jone said...

I need to read more on the laws of attraction. I know that I am missing something. I am intriqued by the notion of vibrational energy.

Melba said...

I enjoyed the secret and believe there are benefits to some for watching it ...like me...I feel I benefited from watching it, but I don't think every book or self help tool is for everyone.
Also no one tool is complete. The law of attraction (I believe) is just one part...it can't be applied to everything.

These words I know aren't much comfort. I came across your blog through your CaC GTKY Day and browsed around and thought I would say hello.
It is lovely that you are a teacher and I really liked your poem today (I think the post is Day 19)