Sunday, April 08, 2007

NaPoWriMo, Day 8

Easter Sunday 2007

Sun rises, clouds to the east
Spring rain perfume lingers
A phone call:
"we must go now" changes
the course of the day.

Sitting and holding her hand
shallow breathing
hanging on
while family lets go
of beloved matriarch.

Humming hymns, reading
psalms, quieting the soul
preparing for
the journey into
light everlasting.

We are never ready
for this moment
So we hug, pray
and wait for the passing
of beloved matriarch.

Written for my friends, Roger and Barbara and their family, as they await the passing of Roger's mother.


Robin said...

Jone, that is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

cheeky said...

Hello Jone!
I've been given your name through CaC and I am so excited about the journal swap. I've already picked yours out and it's ready to go. Please contact me via email at my bloggie.
Looking forward to this connection.
All the best, cheeky

suzie q said...

Hi Jone :) Beautiful poetry for such a sad time. I wish your friends well, and hope that the passing is peaceful when it comes.

I found your comment on my blog re the Journal swap (thanks very much) and have tried to email you at the address you gave, but it has bounced back. If you could email me at sue dot longley at tesco dot net, I'll get my address to you that way! Love this swap! :) Look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks, Suze x