Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sunday Scribblings: In the News

Sunday Scribblings asks this week about whether I am a news junkie or does it overwhelm or do I ignore the news? Other considerations: what headline would I like to see, one that's had a big impact lately on me or one I fear is coming soon.

I find that I read a lot of the news on the Internet these days, reading the newspaper seems luxurious. I try to limit my news watching on television; very repetitive, depressing, and if not careful, it will end up in my dreams.

My husband and I were in the car today, so I queried him about what headline he would like to see. His response: "Social Security Benefits will begin at age 55." (um, guess how old he is, ha!)

I would like to see:
"Solution to global warming discovered."
"Peace on earth achieved."

This week, in the news, Portland is considering banning those thin plastic bags. I say hooray for that. Never fails, too many heavy things are placed in them and they split. There is the great multiplying ability of said plastic bag. How do you get too many bags and lose socks...great mysteries of my home. At least with a paper bag, I can put my recycling papers in them.

I fear this headline:
"Cacao plant to be extinct by the end of the year."

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Remiman said...

"Solution to global warming discovered."
"Peace on earth achieved."
I concur whole heartedly.
A headline I'd like to see:
Journalists allowed to do their job.

gautami tripathy said...

Another headline I would like to see...Today onwards peace prevails in this world..

Wisful thinking, I know.

Tori said...

I second your potential headlines.
Great post!
I hope my Portland (on the other side of the country) goes for the plastic bag ban too!

Patois said...

I gave up chocolate for Lent. My nightmares this whole time have been your last headline.

Regina Clare Jane said...

I'd settle for peace in our neighborhoods and families- that's a start, anyway...
Great post, Jone...