Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Getting to Know Wednesday

1. What was your favorite childhood family vacation? Where did you go and what do you remember most about the trip? In 1961, we drove across country to New Jersy to see family I remember the big bugs in texas while we ate lunch.
.2. If you knew your grandparents, what do you remember most about them as a child? My grandmothers. Both came out form New Jersey to California on a regular basis. My one grandmother always took me for a day of shopping before school and lunch at the fancy restaurant in the store.
3. Do you have siblings or not? I have a younger brother. We kick fought a lot in the back seat of the car.
4. What did you like best about summer vacation from school? Reading, reading, reading.
5. Did you like school or dislike school? Loved school.What is your most memorable school moment? Planning Earth Day in 1970


Tammy said...

I'm glad you played along this week!! I enjoyed your answers.

Reading was a huge thing for me in summers too! I always joined the library reading contests, and often won! :)

Tammy said...

Jone! We drove to Jersey from CA to see grandparents too. I read the whole drive and have just one younger brother. Freaky lol