Wednesday, April 18, 2007

NaPoWriMo: Day 18

Poetry Night At School

Today there was joy. My young writers shared their poems at Family Library Night. The writers are in first grade through fourth grade. These poets played with haiku and fibonacci along with using the senses. The parents came for the reading. All but three came to the reading. That makes me smile.
My poem tonight is in their honor:

Poems, sharing them
Fearless wordsmith fanciers all

We played with collage for their covers. Love some of the titles for the books:
Snakie Things
Walk Way Garden Poems
Little Frog Poems
Relax Poems
Swan at Night
Sneeky Peak
The Excellent Poems


Regina Clare Jane said...

Oh, how cute! I like the title "Walk Way Garden Poems"... and how old are these kids? You must be a wonderful teacher, Jone!

...deb said...

Mmmm...those smiling "fearless" faces are great! "Snakie Things is my favorite book cover.

Tammy said...

This post made my crazy week! Good for you and bravo to them!


Jessica said...

I think this is the biggest and best type of guerilla poetry -- creating budding young poets through poetry writing exercise. Excellent!

gautami tripathy said...

That is the best way to encourage writing. Beautiful post, Jone! I loved it. AsI teach too, I am aware how creative kids can be if encouraged in the right directions.

Marie said...

I love this idea. I am a teacher too; AND I love's a great way to get kids to share...
You are right...their titles are great - Snakie things makes me smile.
You do have a great job, teach and be surrounded by books...that's cool! I hope our librarian does that someday.

January said...

How wonderful! This is guerilla poetry at its best.