Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Meditation breath
Inhale, exhale release fears

Meditation breath
Morning spirit surrenders
Awakening prayer

I am trying to practice this now as I prepare for a colonoscopy on Friday.

For more haiku on stillness and calm, visit One Deep Breath.


Colorful Prose said...

I should remember more often the release from deep breathing. Good luck on your intervention.

Brian said...

Morning, good luck with your appointment, I have a one with a cardiologist on Friday.

I know I can use your haiku to relax. Thanks.

Ron said...

Been there, done that! Fortunately, it wasn't as bad as at first anticipated. The real pain was in paying for it.
Yes, the meditation breath/prayer can bring the stillness and calm needed for this experience even if you've done it before.
Best to you as spirit surrenders to that which is.

Tammy said...

Dave & my best friend said it was not bad at all. Your haiku sound like a perfect way to be calm. I must try this with the dentist. Good luck on Friday!

getzapped said...

I wish you luck with this. I've never had one, but those who have say the preparation is the worst part of it. I hope you get good results.

I love these, they are so true. I have gotten back to my pranayama practice (breath work) and it feels so good!

Mary said...

I have to remember to do that. It's weird how often I forget how wonderful a deep breath or a nice stretch will feel. And after a day of working at a middle school, I could certainly use it.

Beautiful haiku.

Roswila said...

Meditation breath
Morning spirit surrenders
Awakening prayer

Really like the above one. May all be fine with your doctor visit.

Sandy said...

I need to copy these and read them every morning!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Very meditative. Good luck with your treatment...