Wednesday, March 07, 2007


The prompt this week at One Deep Breath is "Earth, Dirt, Mud". My love affair with the earth began early:

Grandma, want mud pie?
Three year old holds grubby mess
Grandma receives gift.

These days, I play in my garden.
The weather was almost seventy degrees in Portland yesterday.
My young student poetry club went outside to photograph the school garden.

Leaf skeleton compost
Nutrient provider now
Nurturing root life

Tulip heads poking out
Sunny day, winter's late gift
Thank you, Mother Earth

Go play in the dirt here.


Crafty Green Poet said...

I enjoyed reading these, I particularly like the line about leaf skeletons.

Tammy said...

Wonderful images to comliment your haiku. I loved "winter's late gift." It's been nice here in No. CA too ;)

Brian said...

Beautiful haiku and the pictures are perfect. Soon, brilliant colors will replace the earth and we will rejoice.

Roswila said...

The gift to grandma is delightful. I can just see it (and also remember it, as the give). :-D

Regina Clare Jane said...

These were wonderful- amazing how dirt and mud play(ed) such a big part in our lives!

Remiman said...

I like the feel of going from a child's wholesome attitude about mud to the gardener's insight to making good dirt.

Nicely haikued (is that a neologism?)

East of Oregon said...

great post and photos!

get zapped said...

Fabulous haiku! The first one made me smile, and I could feel the cool mud on my hands. Thanks ;-}