Friday, March 09, 2007

Poetry Thursday: Red

Red lipstick tube
Streaking down the expressway
A traveling
Carnival ride on wheels

Whooshing wind
Blowing hair, songs, words,
Towards the sky

Looking up
Tree arms stretching over us
An emerald canopy

Your fingers dancing
On my skin, remembering Costa Rica
A ribbon candy road

This is a revision of a poem written years ago. I have been dealing with a naughty tooth. Root canal yesterday.

For more red, visit here.


Brian said...

I like the opening line, the lipstick brought to mind rush hour traffic. Then by the end, a red convertible.

DewyKnickers said...

I just love the wind in my hair, driving on a twisting road.

Have a great weekend, and feel better.



Tammy said...

Lovely and fun! Root canals STINK!!! Feel's over!

Norma said...

This also makes me think red--"A ribbon candy road>" Very nice.

Regina Clare Jane said...

Hi Jone- this poem was so animated- I loved all the adjectives of movement you use...
"A ribbon candy road" was great imagery- they did look like little highways!
Hope you feel better!

Crafty Green Poet said...

A real road movie of a poem....

Mary said...

Definitely a great convertible poem. Your root canal could inspire a red poem too! Ouch!