Sunday, March 04, 2007

Poetry Thursday: Beauty Without a Name

From the Window

Silver french knots twinkle on
midnight blue velvet
silent trees keep vigil
deep fuchsia-rose-flame scarves
tip toe in dance, signaling
feathered choir's performance,
lauds this canonical hour
Buttery essence arrives
Flickering new beginnings

It took me awhile but I did it. I knew from the first what to describe. The how without totally saying what it was; my challenge. Thank to Poetry Thursday and using Chris Sapp's idea. Sometimes we all need to stretch.


Tammy said...

I guess we are not suppose to guess but I loved your imagery. Bravo!

Poet with a Day Job said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. This is a very interesting poem - it makes me think of a Bird of Paradise - the flower - I really like "the canonical hour."

As for moving to wordpress: it is a snap. They have an import for links, an import for posts - you'll be up and running and posting in under an hour, guaranteed. Then, just leave a redirect link as the laso post on your old site and you're good to go!

The wordpress dashboard is very different though, so that may take a bit of adjusting - to the logic of the program. But once you get it, it's all-encompassing - all the widgets, all the stats - all options.

Liza Lee Miller said...

Loved your poem, Jone. I think it is about dawn. Great job -- worth the challenge and effort!

paris parfait said...

Really beautiful poem!

Crafty Green Poet said...

beautiful approach of sunrise.

Mary said...

wow! the poem is so dense and chocked full of lovely language and images. I can't quite pinpoint the "answer," but I don't mind the mystery. Great poem.

Clockworkchris said...

sorry it took so long to get here. I can't beleive you mentioned my name. How nice. Your description of this "thing" is awesome. I love the word velvet and the descriptive colors. My fav line is "tip toe in dance." The whole thing is just magical. I was thinking the sky or stars when I started but now I just don't know.

Jone said...

Some of you guessed it. It was about dawn. I love the guess about bird of paradise. In California, my family has several of them in our backyard. One of my favorite flowers and I am sad that they do not grow in the NW.