Wednesday, March 28, 2007

From This Window

The ladies at PT are taking the "imaged defined" a step further this week. Find a piece of art that you really enjoy, be in that art, and write, you know experience "ekphrasis"(verbal description of a work of art).

Georgia O'Keefe is mostly likely onr of my favorite artists. I love her work, stayed at Ghost Ranch(where she once lived) and walked the hills behind the ranch.

Okay, I hope this is okay to do. I got the image from I hope I am not violating copyright laws. Here's my poem:

1940 - The Patio - No. 1
painting by Georgia O'Keefe

From this window
Hills turning tangerine red
Each evening

From this window
Amaranth tumbling across the desert
Each evening

From this window
Wind and coyote howling at the new moon
Each evening

From this window
I wait for your return
Each evening

To see who landed in which painting, click here.


chiefbiscuit said...

Oh yes! I was going to write about an O'Keeffe painting too as I LOVE her work. (I didn't have time to write anything in the end.) Your words do justice to that beautiful, colourful and warm O'Keeffe painting. Thanks.

Beaman said...

Great choice for a painting and artist. Your poem's simplicity is a winner, the structure perfect. The ending is the best part. Good write!

Brian said...

Witness for some reason strikes me hard. It has a tangible longing to it.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I love O'Keefe's paintings (though hadn't seen this one before). I have been trying to write a poem about one of her pictures for years.... You've done well here.

Regina Clare Jane said...

Oh, yes, the perfect form of her painting and the perfect simplicity of the poem... just wonderful!

Mary said...

I really enjoyed this poem. The form was very rhythmic and I loved the word "witness" and the last stanza. Great.

Marcia said...

I loved the way you paced this and the direction toward self at the end.

Tammy said...

Jone, this was really lovely and how cool that you were at the ranch.

Jessica said...

Good use of the imperative "witness". I love the opening, with the tangerine red hills. Lovely!

Remiman said...

O'keefe was a witness to the stark beauty of nature and captured it beautifully as you have with your words. Well done.

...deb said...

Lovely imagery. I like O'Keefe a great deal, and the southwest. Amaranth is such a nicer name than pigweed, the name I grew up using!

Whirling Dervish said...

Hi Jone,

Thanks so much for visiting my blog this week- about NJ! So, as a fellow Oregonian, would you move there? Where in Oregon do you live?

I think we're going to make the plunge, by the way. NJ doesn't seem as bad as what we were led to believe..