Thursday, May 03, 2007

Poetry Thursday: Reflections

Poetry Thursday is giving a free week. A week to do as we wish. Perhaps a poem will surface and/or perhaps those participating in NaPoWriMo need a break or a time to reflect.

Hi, I am Jone and I am a poet. I wrote 30 poems in 30 days. It sounds somewhat of a recovery group.

NaPoWriMo pushed me to write every day. I have not ever written for that many days in a row. I only missed one day of actual writing of a poem. I feel pretty proud of myself.

I walked around a little lost on Tuesday. I didn't have to write so I didn't. I took a break. The break led into Wednesday. So how does one keep up the practice? I am trying to form the habit of writing in daily pages. Can I do a page a day for thirty days?

I wrote a lot of haiku. Sometimes I feel like that's cheating. They are so short but they are also so in the moment. I try to stay in the moment. I wrote some pantoums, a style I was introduced to and like quite a bit. I was glad for the daily prompts from the women of PT. Some days, it was the seed I needed.

I didn't comment on other people's writing as much. No time. Some days after teaching all day, after schools activities, and other commitments if was enough to get a poem written. I feel bad when I don't get around to the blogs to comment. It is this little neighborhood community and I missed the conversation. I do appreciate the comments and visit by others.

How do you choose a favorite poem over your other poems? They are your little creations. But I have a few I think about. Two are haiku, two are pantoums and one is free verse.

Day Five
Broken threads, dried up little cloth worms
Discovered while cleaning the garage, looking at theremains of your library. Rest here.

Day Fifteen
Mother’s pearl necklace in hand
Her last gift
Offered as peace and understanding
Son receives it graciously
(Rest here.)

Day Seventeen and Day Twenty Written after the news of Virginia Tech. My cousins go to school there.

Day Twenty-one
Garden Tips
In the dead of winter
read seed catalogs, poems for the
garden (rest here)

Also on Day 21
Uprooted my roots at seventeen
Transplanted to Oregon, a college girl
Roots needed fresh soil
Good growing environment (rest here)

It was a good month. I feel a like I have sowed many poetry seeds this month. I can tend to them like my garden.

If you read any of my poetry for April, I would love to know which, if any spoke to you. For more Poetry Thursday responses, go here.


Tammy said...

Bravo Jone! You did an excellent job in honoring poetry. XXOO

gautami tripathy said...

Glad you completed it. Interesting reflection.

Remiman said...

That is a wonderful accomplishment! I would not do justice to such a project. I know how much work goes into a poem.
Kudos to you.

cheeky said...

Hi Jone,
I enjoyed this. We all know how trying it can be to keep up with commenting amongst daily life.
I'm also gals we got connected via the journal swap, yeah! I'm getting inspired to try a little poetry, something I know nothing about. I enjoy trying new things.
Keep filling that journal with words.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Wonderful reflection of a month of poetry ... your poems of grief for those at Virginia Tech were so poignant. Much peace, JP