Monday, May 07, 2007


Early morning
Waves splash, crash upon the rocks
Seagull skims surface
Just spent the weekend at the coast. It's funny. In California, I always went to the "beach". I arrived in Oregon and found out we visit the "coast" and in New Jersey they go to the "shore". No matter, there is something restorative about time at the beach.
It is restorative even if daily walks on the beach aren't taken. My weekend was that kind of weekend, our college women's weekend. The five of us have had a beach weekend for almost twenty years. It is the "no children, no men, no dogs" weekend. We are friends, the kind that our roots are deep. Yet, we collectively don't see much of each other on a weekly or daily basis throughout the rest of the year.
The early days consisted of wine and chocolate, our main staple it seemed. Shop, eat, drink, talk, repeat. Stay up late. These days, wine and chocolate in moderation. I nod off on the couch as the four other women converse.
We have raised our children, taken on parenting roles as our parents have aged, and experienced the death of a parent. Sometimes dogs are invited. It seems we are more content to be sitting more, sleeping in more, and listening more.
Women's weekend fun
laugh, share in each other's presence
restorative time


Tammy said...

How wonderful to have kept this going and the little ways that we change together. Lovely haiku. xxoo

GoGo said...

You are so right, no matter the name, the beach is a resorative event!

Welcome. ~GoGoPo

Remiman said...

Sometimes I so envy women's ability to maintain longterm deep friendships and renew them (especially by the water) periodically. They sound like such restorative times. Other times (most of the time) I'm content to be a man, and find my solace in the water. ;-).
Nice sharing.

Patry Francis said...

Wine and chocolate and the incredible Oregon coast--what could be better?

Jill said...

It's reassuring to know that friendships like the ones you have really do exist.