Monday, May 14, 2007

One Deep Breath: Nuture

Outdoor garden planted
breeze songs, bird songs-listen
uplifted soul dances

child dog speaks- woof!
imagination runs free
hug the moment
My two year old granddaughter in our dog's kennel.

For more about nuture, visit One Deep Breath.


Tammy said...

Hi Jone, I hope you feel better and the play goes well. I loved your nuture haiku.

Take care! xxoo

Sandy said...

A great photo to show her when she is grown. Imagination - the best playmate, and one to nuture.

Regina Clare Jane said...

Hee hee! How cute! A well-nurutured child is full of imagination!
And I liked the first haiku very much! We nurture the garden, it nurtures us!

written voize said...

That was too cute, luv the haiku. Child dog speaks-woof (too perfect)!

Rose Dewy Knickers said...

I love the picture. :) Sometimes I think that our pets want to be human and children want to be pets.



Patois said...

Very cool -- nurture the outside and the inside.