Sunday, May 20, 2007

What's in the Box?

This is the second month I have participated in the "swap" at Create a Connection. Quite fun. What was even funner was the person who sent me the beautiful journal last month, got my name again this month. You could also say poor her, I suppose.
Last week was a horrid week for me. Lots of stress upcoming school play, crummy stuff at work, and just a genuine funk. I haven't wanted school to end like this in a long time but I am ready for summer.

So Thursday I came home to a box, which I am sorry to say, I didn't photo before opening. But look at the goodies. They all made me smile. I especially love the cool bookmark pen. I have thank yous to write and so the notes are just perfect. Thank you, Cheeky, for making my week a better one.

I must mail my box off to Colorado tomorrow. This is really fun. It inspires me to random things for others. It is a great way to lift the spirit. Now I am off to sew on the tortoise costume for the play.


AnnieElf said...

So pretty. What a great pick-me-up to receive at the end of a bad day. Seems like the older I get and the closer I get to retirement, the more anxious I am to end my working years. I feel your need for summer.

Melba said...

That is so funny the same person had you two months in a row. Maybe she has a message for you!

I am glad you are having fun with the swaps. Me too!


Vedrana M. said...

i agree, it' funny but you got beautiful things :)

Tammy said...

Swapping is so much fun!! Thank you for the lovely box that arrived in CO last night!! So much fun!!!