Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Poetry Thursday: Humor

We have been invited to write a humorous poem for Poetry Thursday. I have been dealing with annoying allergies this spring. This popped into my head. To be honest, I don't do rhyming much so I am a bit surprised.

Sunny day, pollen count
Runny nose makes me pout
Flowers grin at the bees
Would someone pass
Me Kleenex, please
Wonder why my eyes must cry
Allergies the bees reply
Stay inside, instead of out
Sunny day, pollen count

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Regina Clare Jane said...

It made me smile, indeed! I really feel for people that suffer with allergies! Hope the pollen count goes down soon!

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

Unfortunately... I can sympathize with this poem.

Good luck with your allergies...

LJCohen said...

LOL. I don't usually write 'funny', but mine was about allergies too.

It's been awful this spring! My sympathies.

gautami tripathy said...

I am allergic to the dust. I cannot avoid it at all. Unless I leave Delhi permanently.

This made me smile.

paris parfait said...

This is such a familiar story; couldn't help but smile and nod in agreement!

Minx said...


Rob Kistner said...

Jone -

Excellent piece! Put a smile on my face -- and a little tug in my heart.

My wife Kathy and I live here in Oregon as well, and she is struggling right now with allergies.

My sympathies to you both.

Enjoyable read. :)

blondie said...

I totally know the feeling of not wanting to leave the house because I cannot stop sneezin' and itchin'...

A sweet little poem.

:) blondie

chicklegirl said...

I live in a farming community where the primary crop is hay. My poor husband lives this reality every time they cut hay. You did a great job capturing both laughter and tears to make the best of it.