Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sunday Scribblings: Kissing

This week's prompt, KISSING, sent me down long forgotten roads. There was the boy in first grade who kissed me and told me we could live in Paris. Followed by the learning to kiss in dimly lit garages in which we would have parties. The record player providing a music of the 60's and folding chairs lining the walls of the garage. Soon it would be "spin the bottle" time. I stood between wanting to chosen and thankful I wasn't chosen.

Forbidden morsel
secret rendezvous whisper
play spin the bottle

warm caramel kiss
lingering a bit too long
melts winter snowflakes

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susanlavonne said...

the haiku are delicious! i especially like "warm caramel kisses"...and i don't even like caramel!

also...a boy promised to take you to Paris who was only about six years he's done a LOT of kissing because he caught on at a very early age

Jerri said...


Paris Parfait said...

Well I LOVE caramel! And your haiku is lovely. Nice that the boy had such imagination and nerve at a young age - thinking of Paris as a romantic destination.

Laini said...

those are both beautiful! I remember the awkwardness of those parties, too, the wanting and not wanting. One in particular, where the others there were a bit older and more sophisticated than me; it was quite unnerving! Also, I see in your bio you're a kid's librarian. Yay! I'm going to ALA midwinter in a few weeks in Seattle just to walk around with my editor and meet librarians and have fun, since my first kid's book is coming out soon. I'm so looking forward to it!

daisies said...

i love your haiku ~ 'warm caramel kiss' melts me ...

Novel Nymph said...

I just made you you are!;)