Tuesday, January 23, 2007

One Deep Breath: Process and Craft

This week, Susan and Jennifer, One Deep Breath, suggested that participants look at the craft and process of writing. I am forever thankful for the day I stumbled onto the website ODB. It awakened my desire for writing haiku which has been hibernating. I quickly realized that my library blog for school would not be enough, thus creating this blog strictly for my writing.

Sunday prompt given
Photo enveloping me
Living the moment

Mary Oliver's thoughts on about the many opportunities there are to be a poet publicly and quickly caught my eye. I remember being a part of the Oregon Writing Project in the early 90's. The whole home computers and email were just really catching on. I suggested to my writing group that we could post our work in order to comment on it; a virtual writing community. Nobody really pursued it.

Syllable word play
Writing community here
Writing haikun now

I write to be a better writer. I write to capture the little moments. I write to be a better teacher of poetry to my students.

Dawn creates words
Capturing daybreak moment
The soul smiling now

You are invited to read more at One Deep Breath.


QAZSE said...

clever set of haiku and discussion.

I especially like "Dawn creates words". Inspiration is everywhere, but some just seem to be writing themselves.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I enjoyed reading this post, especially your final beautiful haiku.

Neasa said...

All very nice haiku - I especially like the last one.

Thanks for visiting my blog & your kind comments!

Hundred and one said...

It is unfortunate that nobody showed any interest in your idea of a virutal writing community. Like you participating ODB has been a real journey of discovery for me as I had never heard of a Haiku before!! But now I love writing them!!

Brian said...

I like haiku because it forces the author to be concise and thus in turn, we the readers must see the moment.

The photo, the dawn, the memory.

Tammy said...

A true pioneer :) We are fortunate to get to read and comment on your wonderful haiku!

Paris Parfait said...

I especially like your last haiku, although all are lovely - as well as your interwoven story. It's hard to believe how times have changed since computer use became widespread, isn't it?

Roswila said...

"I write to be a better writer. I write to capture the little moments. I write to be a better teacher of poetry...."

Yes, my experience, too. I'd only add "I write because I have to."

I struggle with the haiku form, my busy mind always trying to cram more into it. I am grateful when I am able to let go and let the simple moment step forward.

Thanks for your post and thoughts and ku.

susanlavonne said...

it's been a long, tedious week at work and i've just not had the time to read the posts until now
for some reason, i started from the bottom and thanks to your wonderful haiku and very kind comments, my soul is smiling too! (i love that line the most :-) thanks!

Remiman said...

I too am a novice. Wrote my first haiku only month or two ago.
In your haibun you've captured what for me is the purpose and essence of the form. Vivd imagery with as few words as possible.

"Syllable word play
Writing community here
Writing haikun now"



cloudscome said...

That is a really nice perspective on how far we've come. Community makes such a huge difference! I'm so glad to be able to read your haiku.

Regina Clare Jane said...

Writing should bring people together! That's what I love about places like One Deep Breath and Poetry Thursday and the like...
Thanks for creating such a wonderful space yourself!