Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What's New Wednesday: Things I do to Avoid the Heat

I have touched home for a few days before I leave for "Camp Odell", the yearly summer reunion of my college dormies. This year we meet on Vashon Island.

I was in Hagerman, Idaho last week and the temps there hit 109 degrees. In Portland, it hit 102 degrees yesterday. We have air conditioning but hot is hot!

I am surviving the heat by:

1. Discovering fascinating quizzes. Annie's blog showed me "Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse".

I hope we aren't in for a zombie attack anytime soon. And there is this quiz:

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2. Beading. At my author party for Laini, I met Kim, another Portland area blogger, She had a very cool bookmark. When my husband and I reached Bend, OR on Saturday, I headed to the local bead store to find beads. I have been playing with the concept to take up to my friends.

I head from another friend that the memory wire is fun to use. I got some and she's right! My first attempt:
3. Made tabbouleh for dinner. Love it. Simple, yet hearty and cold.
4. Napped.
5. Organized photos in my computer.
6. Made mental notes as for my next posts.
7. Read a little. (very little, those eyes kept slamming shut)
It is really too hot to do much. I have a list of things to be done with little motivation. I leave Thursday. Come back Saturday night and get ready for my aunt's visit followed by my niece's visit. Hopefully, the weather will be slightly cooler.

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Cynthia said...


Beautiful bracelet! I will have to recommend memory wire to my daughter who is exploring jewelry making.

I am your swap partner for July and will be sending you a package from my hometown of Greenville, SC. Can you send me your address please? Just visit my blog and click on the contact link.