Thursday, February 08, 2007

Poetry Thursday: Changes

Wrinkly, tiny feet
Universe bids you welcome
Kissable pink toes

Wobbly walking steps
Curiosity, your friend
Invites you to play

These are the changing feet of my granddaughter, born February 5, 2005. Her feet have seen a lot of changes in a year.
For mre changes, go to Poetry Thursday.


Rethabile said...

These are good ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, indeed. Pinky love. BTW, I wish I could meet Maya Angelou, too.

strauss said...

Make sure you get an imprint of those pretty feet, they sure do grow fast, don't they.
Great take on the changes theme.

Regina Clare Jane said...

Nothing better in the whole world than cute little baby feet and toes!

Tammy said...

We were grandmas almost at the same time and I was just noticing his hand's and feet. They change too fast!!!

Norma said...

Nothing more precious than baby toes. Nibble nibble, kiss and kiss.

My poem this week is about women's fashion change.

twilightspider said...

Precious photos - precious haiku! You should give these to her when she's old enough to read.

Poet with a Day Job said...

great foot pics - even better haiku!

gautami tripathy said...

How I love baby feet! Glad you posted this. Loved it.

AnnieElf said...

Do this every year and she will have such a treasure by the time she graduates from high school.