Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thoughtful Thursday: National Boards

I met with the district coordinator for the support group for the National Board Candidates yesterday.

Writing. I will be doing a lot of writing this year. Technical writing about my teaching practice. That is why I am excited about this adventure. I will be writing about how my teaching has an impact on student learning along with demonstrating knowledge about the following:

What Library Media Specialists Know
Knowledge of Learners
Knowledge of Teaching and Learning
Knowledge of Library and Information Studies
What Library Media Specialists Do
Integrating Instruction
Leading Innovation through the Library Media Program
Administering the Library Media Program
How Library Media Specialists Grow as Professionals
Reflective Practice
Professional Growth
Ethics, Equity, and Diversity
Leadership, Advocacy, and Community Partnerships

I read these standards and think to myself, I should be able to articulate what I believe, what I practice, and what I know.

To obtain certification, I will show evidence through lessons and student work how I do the above. A videotaped lesson with a pan of my library is another requirement. I will write about a maximum of eight accomplishments in the last five years as it relates to student learning. Finally after all that is sent away for review, I take a writing assessment with scenarios given.

The conversation began yesterday with the statement that the design of the National Boards is exactly for a teacher like me. One with experience and one reflective in their practice. That was encouraging to hear. I know I would not be interested if I had to take a multiple-choice exam to be certified.

So we meet six hours a month as a large group to work, get tips, check to see if we are on pace. It is rigorous and the expectation is not to miss meetings. Meeting with other candidates weekly is a recommendation.

I feel much supported in this process. I understand that Washington State has a high rate of success. That the district provides an opportunity for teachers to gather and work is fabulous.

Going off to organize my notebooks. I promise to update along the way. I am sure that not all posts as cheery as this one. Please remind me to re-read this post.

Thank you for the words of support in my Sunday Scribbling's post.


Inland Empire Girl said...

It sounds like you are off and runner. I have added you to my blogroll so I can keep up with this journey. You are right... Washington does have a good success rate.

Tammy said...

I know you can do this Jone. I can hear your excitement in between the lines. YOU ROCK!

I really liked your evening haiku too.

Sending positive, productive vibes. :)

AnnieElf said...

Best wishes Jone and great good luck in the coming exciting year.