Friday, August 03, 2007

One Deep Breath: Compare and Contrast

From my patio today.... lots and lots of bird activity.

tiny pilots zoom
fight over territory
hummingbird nectar

towhee juvenile
fearless adventurer
naive about the world

feline lounges near
opportunity awaits
prefers mice to birds

This is the scene in my yard. So much fun to watch. My goal is to get a shot of the fighting hummingbirds. Quite entertaining the way their tails flare. And the juvenile towhee did not have a clue about what he/she was to do. Allowed me to get very close. Got a scolding from dad when he went back into the boxwood.

For more compare and contract, visit Haiku: One Deep Breath.


Rose Dewy Knickers said...

Morning Jone,

I love the contrast between the cat and the birds. :)

I'll be posting the meme on Sunday night. :)



Roswila said...

That second one is such fun. And so true of most species youngsters!

Christine said...

These are very fun. Opportunity awaits ... indeed. That says it all about the felines in our family too. Great stuff in your yard.

Jules said...

Those are great pics. Love to watch those hummingbirds.