Monday, January 21, 2008

Fellow Travelers

Chuck and I, Zion 2005

Fellow Travelers

Brazil, Costa Rica, Hawaii, East Coast, West Coast, Zion, Chicago, and the Northwest, all places traveled to with my fellow traveler and companion, my husband. Travel is one thing that defines our relationship.
Someone once told me that a test in a new relationship is to travel together. If you travel well, then your daily life together will hold. I believe that it to be true. My husband and I have been together 18 years. We travel well and our day-to-day life travels well. What I love is that we get up early to be on the road.

I am the planner (except the Brazil trip, it was the result of my husband winning a sales contest and was already planned). It must be the librarian in me, the researcher of information. I want to know as much as I can before I go. I love maps, books (especially the ones about the little known places of our destinations).

I tried once to be spontaneous on a trip. I have a friend who lives that way. It was the twenty-first birthday journey with my daughter. We left Las Vegas headed by car to Reno, no hotels reservations; we would make them we arrived. We decided to go through Death Valley, Ca (because we were being spontaneous) thus, we did not arrive into Reno until after 10 PM. We were lucky to find a Motel 6. Never again.

My favorite trips with my husband are when we leave immediately after my last day of school. We load up the Prius and head east. One year it was to Zion National Park. Last year it was to our friends in Idaho. It was good medicine to leave town. I shift faster into relax mode by leaving familiar surroundings. My husband loves to drive so I can either read or sleep.

I feel fortunate to have a fellow traveler in my husband. His curiosity about the world and my planning how to get there makes a good team. I look forward to traveling again this summer.
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Laini Taylor said...

You two do make a wonderful team, Jone! You're lucky to be such compatible travelers. We are too, and Jim also does the driving -- mainly because I cannot stay awake in cars! With me dozing all the time, he ends up getting a bit bored! Next time we take a long driving trip, I'll have to try bringing some knitting. It might help keep me awake a little longer. ha ha! Plans to go anywhere after school this year?

Shari said...

We usually travel as one big noisy family. I'm looking forward to the vacations that I can take with just my traveling companion (my husband).

tumblewords said...

Wonderful that you have such a great traveling fellow! Sounds like a great life!!

Inland Empire Girl said...

I love hearing about your fellow traveler. How perfect to leave right after school is out. I always go to my writing retreat for five days. It does work well to get away.

AnnieElf said...

Nice Jone. Don plans to the nth degree. No reservations? Never. Nope. Won't happen. Darn. I like being spontaneous. I must admit though - when he plans, he puts together a great trip full of surprises.

Tammy said...

My husband and I are a great couple but not in traveling. I get bored by car and he gets stressed on planes. LOL

Love the picture of the happy travelers!