Sunday, April 27, 2008

OSI: Flowering

pink chiffon dogwood
tutus spin, branches dance
toe shoes optional

peppermint tulip
umbrella protects creatures
unseen by the eye

tango dancer skirt
fiery tulip ruffles
click, click across floor

What a lovely prompt today, especially since out weekend has warmed in comparison to Friday's post. Thank you One Single Impression.


MyBellavia said...

"Toe shoes optional" How great is that? These are all that and more. Thanks for sharing. Loved all three!

Raven said...

How delightful these are. I love the "toe shoes optional" line... and the "fiery tulip ruffles."

SandyCarlson said...

What sensuous poems. These are wonderful. I have no toe shoes, so I'm trying it barefoot.
Writing in Faith: Poems

Roswila said...

That first one is really nice. What fun!

Quiet Paths said...


tumblewords said...

A great combo - the glorious pictures and your magical words. Love this post!

zoya gautam said...

..nice coming late to the comments ma'm..less labour..kindly replay the above views and treat 'em as mine pl..

onemorebeliever said...

3 beautiful descriptions of flowers... dogwoods are such beautiful petals.. and tulips... i need to buy some more!!!

Inland Empire Girl said...

These are great combinations. I love the colors of the tulips.

storyteller said...

Sorry to be visiting so late but don’t want to miss out. All three photos and haiku are lovely … my favorite is the ‘peppermint tulip’ … though I love the phrase ‘toe shoes optional’ ;--)
Hugs and blessings,