Sunday, October 28, 2007

Disclaimer about Sporatic Blog Entries

My blog entries have been sporadic of late. I am the kind of person who wants to do it all: One Deep Breath and Sunday Scribblings as well as the two new writing prompt sites: Writers' Island, and Totally Optional Prompts. I have not contributed to them even though I my intentions have been good. (And we all know where the path of good intentions leads).

I am focused right now on a different writing project. It's writing for the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Very reflective yet technical writing. The volume and intensity of this focus is revving up. There is a deadline: March. Everything needs to be done by March. Then I get to take an on-line test. WooHoo.

So for now, I am putting the two new prompt sites on the back burner. I give myself permission to miss prompts from ODB and SS as needed. I may read your blog but not comment. Now I must get back to working on the NBPTS.

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Inland Empire Girl said...

Keep up the good work. Again, I am very impressed with your commitment to NBPTS. You will look back on this time and be glad you did it.... right? :)